Thursday, July 03, 2008

I finally got the Eclipse debugger to play nicely with MySQL!!!

make clean
./configure --with-debug (and I modified my flags with -g as well, tho it's not required)

then under Eclipse I did a 'make all'
used --gdb --one-thread when running
be sure to close the 'registers' pane or else MySQL will crash and require a kill -9

I can now step through my code and see it in action,
it really is doing just what I thought it should!
(tho I found the MySQL GUI tools do a lot of things I didn't know about)

I'll be submitting an early review to my mentor tonight.
I'm not too familiar with submitting a diff so I'll probably attach the full source files as well in case I mess it up.
As of tonight I have surpassed 100 hours working on this project!
In a way I wish all this really was for JUST a t-shirt, adding money to the mix is both an incentive and a curse. I can always continue working on the project, even if I don't make the cut though... :)
I just hope my results add up to the effort I've put in.

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